Custom solutions for overcrowded jails

Mobile solutions to address chronic jail overcrowding nationwide.  No more overcrowded jails!

All Detainment Solutions, LLC

Overcrowded Jails? No More Overcrowded Jails

Jails across the nation are facing serious overcrowding issues. ADS is a team of professionals dedicated to providing customized and comprehensive solutions for law enforcement leaders.


Minimal turnaround time


Engineered, designed and constructed to meet all codes and regulations


A fraction of the cost of traditional construction

Industry Experts

ADS provides architectural and engineering experts, ensuring custom units meet all codes, specifications and safety requirements. All plans are stamped and approved.
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical

Our Mobile Inmate Housing Is Solving Real Problems

  • The efficiency of the ADS units has been nothing short of amazing. The main facility, housing 601 inmate’s averages around $54 in utility costs per month, per inmate. The ADS units, housing 108 inmate’s averages around $7 per month, per inmate in total!

    Major Royce Denny
    Major Royce Denny Greene County Sheriff's Office
  • We are very pleased with the prison housing ADS provided and how service oriented they are. Greene County was paying 2.2 million dollars a year farming prisoners out to other counties due to our overcrowding.  That amount has been reduced to zero. A huge savings to taxpayers and the county.

    Sheriff Jim Arnott
    Sheriff Jim Arnott Greene County Sheriff's Office